We turn innovation into business

Cleantech Inn Sweden

First of all, we highlight new Swedish sustainable solutions and show why they are needed and what opportunities they bring – for the world and for business.
Secondly, we partner up with industries like Alfa Laval and E.ON adding value to the startups, industries, investors and to the innovation system.

We work:

  • for new, stronger, growing companies in the cleantech area. 
  • for a growing understanding and knowledge about sustainable development and the impact it has on business – opportunities if you are aware, high risks if you're not!
  • complementary to, and strengthens regional and local cleantech initiatives 
  • as a facilitator for those who wants to invest in Swedish cleantech

Cleantech Inn Sweden is a national membership programme within Teknopol AB. You find our offices in Lund, Gothenburg and Umeå.

Contact Richard Englund, programme manager of Cleantech Inn Sweden, for more information.


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